We at FBC believe that Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone, builder, and head of His Church. Therefore, we embrace His agenda, which we believe to be the “calling out” of believers into the universal body of Christ as well as participation in a local church. As we participate in God’s agenda for the church, we recognize that we have been given the special task of carrying the Gospel of Christ to all peoples, tribes, and tongues. Locally we are each missionaries of Christ, sharing the love and mercy of Christ with those we meet in our everyday lives. We also care deeply about the millions of people around the world that have yet to hear the Gospel of Christ. In order to reach out to them, we have partnered with cross-cultural missionaries that are bringing the Gospel to various people groups in various methods.

Check out the Missions Information Station for the latest newsletters from our missionaries. Also, now is the time to sign the Christmas cards that we will soon send to our missionary families. The love to hear from us and this is an easy way to encourage them while they serve abroad.

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